Vision and Business Plan

In Macclesfield you’ll find a group of local people that are willing to put their time, energy, and experience into the town in a way which is characterised by challenge, heart and commitment; a council that is prepared to listen and to make incubator resources available and an MP that understands what the town needs and who supports our vision and plan.

We’re committed to making Macclesfield a warmly regarded destination town, and our shared agenda is to ensure that those of us who live, work, play or visit Macclesfield have the best experience possible.

We’re looking for support in all forms, to help us achieve this vision and it takes many to make a difference. Make it Macclesfield hope that everyone will want to see their town flourish, and they will feel able to support in whatever way they can.

Our Vision is to support Macclesfield to become a warmly regarded destination: locally, regionally, nationally and to have a global reach.