The Pillow with a Hole



In 2012, Judy, a Macclesfield resident, created a pillow for herself to ease her own chronic ear pain. For years she found it painful to put her ear on a conventional pillow and had up until that point been using a variety of make-shift measures as head support, including a teddy bear, foam strips and other assorted (and not very effective) items.

It was on a trip to the Sahara Desert that she was inspired to create a more permanent solution. While bedding down with the Bedouins she was given a sandbag to sleep on. When a conventional pillow causes excruciating pain – the thought of a sandbag inspired fear and terror before it inspired any practical solutions.

However, she figured out that by poking a hole into the sand of the sandbag – a kind of air-pocket – she could get a reasonably comfortable night’s sleep. With that in mind; once she returned to Macclesfield she set about creating her own version of the sandbag with a hole – ‘The Pillow with a Hole.’

The pillow turned out to be extremely effective and so she began selling them on Ebay before shortly afterwards going into business with her son.

The pillows are primarily designed to treat ear pressure sores, which are notoriously difficult to treat, and many of her customers say their lives have been dramatically improved since buying one.

The pillows are now recommended by hospitals and doctors across the UK and have been sold as far afield as Abu Dhabi, Canada and Singapore. All pillows are made in Macclesfield by local seamstresses and all materials are sourced from UK mills. It is a true cottage industry and a real success story for Macclesfield.

For more information you can find their pillows on their website: