Statement of Macclesfield Town Council Councillors

macclesfield_CouncilStatement of Macclesfield Town Council Councillors regarding the proposed downgrading of Macclesfield General Hospital’s A&E department.

“With the strongest of understanding and awareness of the financial pressures on the delivery of services within the NHS, we, the elected members of Macclesfield Town Council, express our deepest concern with regard to the above proposal.

The downgrading of facilities and services at Macclesfield Hospital must be reconsidered, particularly those associated with the extremely effective and busy A&E Department. These services continue to face significant demand and in the event that they are removed, those accessing them would be forced to add significant, and in some cases life-threatening, time to their journey to the next nearest A&E departments at Wythenshawe and Stockport.

This additional journey time will inevitably impact on patient safety and leave a town of 52,000 residents and a surrounding area of even greater numbers dangerously under-served. In addition the impact on the North West Ambulance Service will be directly and detrimentally impacted with longer journey times to emergency call outs in the Macclesfield area and returns to the next nearest A&E. This will stretch staff and physical resources, diminish service standards and put life and health at risk.

We therefore seek and support all constructive discussion and consideration to immediately find alternative and innovative means by which the services of Macclesfield General Hospital can be retained and sustained to ensure that Macclesfield and its surrounding area is properly served for emergency health care and ongoing health intervention.”

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