Speak Up and Speak Out in Macclesfield!!

New SUSO logo Jan 17Making it even easier for adults with learning disabilities to Speak Up and Speak Out in Macclesfield!!

Speaking Up Speaking Out is a fantastic organisation in Macclesfield run with and for adults with learning disabilities to promote friendship, wellbeing, skills and confidence and our drop-in Parachute is open 4 days a week. As well as being a place to meet friends and make new friends, there are a wide range of activities and workshops, computers and internet hub.

Our organisation is all about people with learning disabilities having a voice and a say to help them live the lives they want to – hence the name. It is important to us that the barriers that people with learning disability face every day are removed. We organise regular social activities, take part in lots of community events, raise awareness and work with regional organisations on a range of learning disability issues.

We do lots of different things with lots of different people which is great, but things were starting to get muddled.

Speaking Up Speaking Out is quite long and often people don’t get the name quite right. It is also known by the shortened version SUSO, and by its drop-in name Parachute. All 3 names are used by the organisation, and other people – but which to use and when? Who is raising awareness? Who is fundraising? Who is campaigning? Who’s event is it? Where do you drop-in?

It had become confusing for everyone – things had to be more simple! It was important to keep the ethos of our organisation – our name says what we stand for- and this is vital. So from now we will use our name in its nice and easy short form – SUSO – and have a great new logo to show it off. Dropper-inners will continue to visit SUSO’s drop-in called Parachute, but we will share information, campaign, fundraise, take part in events and raise awareness as SUSO.

Everything else will stay the same and SUSO can’t wait to keep people updated about the drop-in, our many different activities, events and socials, and everything our dropper-inners do to contribute to their local community.

If you would like to know more about SUSO please call 01625 424717, email Karen@maccsuso.org.uk or drop in to see us at 25-27 Old Park Lane, Macclesfield SK11 6TJ (opp Paradise Mill).