Silk Road Connections to Deliver Much Needed Resources to Fight Covid-19


When, in 2012, a delegation from Macclesfield visited the Chinese city of Xi’an to establish links between the city and the Cheshire town with a proud Silk Heritage they didn’t give a thought to how important those links might prove to be in a pandemic.

Over recent years the connections between Xi’an and Macclesfield, at the Eastern and Western ends of the Silk Road respectively, have strengthened and now, through the efforts of Wen Xu and Silk Road Horizon Ltd, those connections are to bring some much needed help and support from the people of Xi’an as Macclesfield faces the threat of Covid-19.

Aware of the fact that the UK is struggling to provide the necessary personal protection for staff at Macclesfield General Hospital and East Cheshire Hospice, Wen’s contacts in Xi’an have used crowdfunding to purchase much needed equipment to be air-freighted to Macclesfield as soon as possible. The donations include 20,000 masks, more than 100 safety goggles and 100 hazmat suits. “This is amazing news and such a positive and compassionate message from a country that’s been through such a tough time both personally and economically” said April Green at East Cheshire Hospice.