Print Mill

The Print Mill is using a retail unit in a creative way to create a buzz on the high street with an artist in resident working with Silk Museum Pattern Archive to create a unique product for Macclesfield.

Artists to work with Traders on Mill Street to help create an ‘identity’ for Mill Street as well as running drop in and programmed workshops. It will provide exhibition and shop front space for local artists/crafts people

The initiative began with a pilot opening in December 2015, with a view to a full launch early in 2016 with the ambition to remain as a permanent space on the High Street.

The Heritage & Culture Strategy for Macclesfield Town Centre seeks to identify key cultural and heritage strands, including arts, music, creative industries and past history that will help take the Macclesfield story forward. The ‘story’ of Macclesfield highlights both the heritage and contemporary strands that make the town what it is today and that have become important to both its fabric and its future.

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