No One Should Have No One

No one (1)Helping us help older people at Christmas
This Christmas, many TV viewers will have seen that Age UK has teamed up with John Lewis to launch a campaign to tackle loneliness, through the ‘Man on the Moon’ campaign. Christmas can be a lonely time for older people, particularly those who do not have family close by, and that is why Age UK are working so hard to tackle loneliness this year in the run up to Christmas.
Age UK Cheshire East provides a wide range of services for older people in good times and in bad and recognises that different people need different things. As well as making sure people receive the financial support they’re entitled to, advice about living independently at home, or better understanding their options around more intensive day to day care, Age UK Cheshire East is also there to help make life more enjoyable for older people.   The issue of loneliness is hugely important for society to address – statistics show that 24% of pensioners do not go out socially at least once a month, and that loneliness is associated with increased rates of depression, cardiovascular disease as well as cognitive decline and dementia. Some figures even suggest that loneliness can have the same detrimental effect to our health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day.
Age UK Cheshire East take this matter extremely seriously and as a result, provides a wide variety of activities which very much help reduce the feelings of isolation for older people.
However, to enable Age UK Cheshire East to continue to provide such activities, as a local charity, they need to continually generate funds to enable this important work to continue.  One way the charity does this is through selling quality second hand furniture from The Furniture Showroom on Henderson Street in Macclesfield. Damon Taylor, Chief Executive of the local charity says “At this time of year, our furniture stocks tend to run low as people focus on their Christmas shopping, but we need your furniture donations now more than ever so that we can continue to plough those funds back into the charity and help lonely older people at Christmas time.”
In the run up to Christmas, Age UK Cheshire East will be laying on events for older people, ensuring that they are not forgotten at a time that can be so busy. Above all, Age UK Cheshire East are committed to putting kind donations to the best possible use by making sure the charity are there with vital help and support when it’s most needed by those in later life.
“Donating your furniture could not be easier” added Damon Taylor “as long as we can sell the goods, we will collect the furniture free of charge, and those who donate goods will be safe in the knowledge that their donations will very quickly go towards making a big difference to the lives of older people this Christmas.”
If you have any furniture to donate, please call 01625 440776 to arrange collection.
Age UK Cheshire East firmly believe that ‘no one should have no one’ this Christmas time.

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