New town signs for Macclesfield

Entry Sign-001Macclesfield has been without town entry signs for a number of years, with schemes to reintroduce them faltering due to complexities of installing signs on the highways.

However, they are finally being installed in the coming weeks following the work of Macclesfield Town Council’s communications lead councillors, Cllr Adam Schofield and Cllr Neil Puttick.

Cllr Puttick commented, “the new reflective signs being installed at 12 locations around the town will finally be installed after a lot of hard work over the years from councillors, community groups and volunteers. It will be great to finally see Macclesfield back on the highways map.”

The new signs will display the more modern Macclesfield “M”, which was initially designed and championed by Make It Macclesfield, rather than the traditional crest. Cllr Adam Schofield explained that “the aim is that this contemporary design and branding for Macclesfield will show continuity across the town with other initiatives from both community groups and the council, reflecting the town’s past and continued creativity. The “M” logo gives acknowledgement to the town’s silk and textile heritage whilst also reflecting a modern town not restrained, but informed by its past and heritage. The town crest is important to Macclesfield, but we felt on this occasion we would break from tradition.”

The signs are a Macclesfield Town Council project, initiated in November 2015, which will be completed this month. Macclesfield Town Council was created in May 2015 as the parish authority for Macclesfield and is developing approaches to local service delivery as well as working in partnership with the larger Cheshire East Council and local community groups.

Macclesfield Town Council can be contacted on 01625 374142 or via their website,

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