Local Poet Goes on Tour

Quantum PoetThe Quantum Poet’s UK TOUR commences in November 2018 for Dean Fraser along with his extraordinary new book THE POEMS LESS SPOKEN!

A hugely entertaining time is guaranteed as he performs from a collection which has been described as moving, poignant and even outrageously shifting the goalposts on what can be included in a poetry book!

You can see some fantastic local examples of his work below or you can visit his website HERE.

Macclesfield Canal
Our industrial past meets today

It doesn’t sound too promising at first does it?
Yet it’s wonderful; let me expand a little bit
To walk the canal is to travel in time
A golden age of industry, pure sublime

Macclesfield canal… never seen anything so amazing
For hours standing transfixed, admiringly gazing
Can a work of civil engineering so add to the panorama?
Functional, yet with unearthly beauty…pure drama

Starting out from Macclesfield early one morning
Strolling through our industrial past, rain pouring
The journey taking me by beautiful old mills
Against the backdrop of the Peak District hills

As I read the Guide that I’d bought
I saw how the people had fought
To keep alive this great canal of heritage
Victorian Engineering centre for pilgrimage

People still live on the canal, the legacy carries on
Marina of brightly painted boats I come upon
Pondering, I almost consider life on the water
A thought left behind as to my flat I saunter

The past made large and brought alive once again
When I’m at the canal does it always have to rain?!

Retracing Steps
A trip I made a few years ago to all my old haunts in Macclesfield

It started with a desire to walk those streets
The one’s the less worldly me once walked
I left a part of myself there it seems
Time to reconnect, reclaim
Look up old friends

Like most places do given fifteen years
Macclesfield had transformed, changed
Taking a little time to get my bearings
The market has moved it seems
Old location now resides under a building

Chestergate, a point of familiarity
Once cars travelled here, no more
Freedom to walk unhindered
Grosvenor mall, salad baps from famous bakery
Just like all those years before

A bench, sitting pondering and eating
The faces in the town may be unfamiliar
Some things never change
Beautiful buildings feast for any eyes
Hills still protectively overlook

Walking the 108 steps in both directions
Feel the past under my feet
Mine and thousands of others
Cobbled streets with their own story to tell
Some other time perhaps…

Yet this is never nostalgia
Oh no, anything but nostalgia
The town has evolved, moved on
Just as I have and once did
Cheshire is in my heart…always will be

A man who once lived in Macclesfield, this poem was written in May 2015

Some truths are hard to conceive
Beyond what I’m able to believe
The joy remembered as tears we cried
How is it 35 years since Ian Curtis died?

Dean Fraser – The Quantum Poet