Enterprising Macclesfield Launch

enterprising_macclesfield_thumbA new initiative announced to support local enterprise

Tuesday 17 November saw the launch of Enterprising Macclesfield, a new exciting initiative to encourage and support enterprise in the local Macclesfield area. This launch coincides with Global Entrepreneurship Week, the world’s largest celebration of the innovators and job creators who launch startups that bring ideas to life, drive economic growth and expand human welfare.

Established by the Make It Macclesfield team, Enterprising Macclesfield is aimed at helping start-ups and existing commercial/social enterprises, by providing coaching support, a network of local advisory partners, and access to funding and regional support to help them grow. The organisation plans to play a positive part in the local community by building a sustainable enterprise support organisation that will encourage, support and stimulate enterprise in Macclesfield. This has the potential to encourage inward investment and create employment delivering real benefits to the local community.

“We believe that by providing the right support, more enterprises could thrive in the local area and help to transform Macclesfield into a vibrant enterprise hub,” said Tim Shercliff, Chairman of Enterprising Macclesfield.

Make it Macclesfield appointed Ray Clarke from the local marketing and business development consultancy, Shaping Business, as Programme Manager to develop and launch the enterprise support programme. “Through the enterprise support programmes that we have already been involved in, both within the UK and Internationally, we know there are regional, national and EU funding programmes that Macclesfield should tap into,” said Ray Clarke. “In effect, we want to get our rightful share of the funding available by helping Macclesfield “punch above its weight”,” added Tim.

Enterprising Macclesfield will be run as a voluntary initiative driven by a group of local professionals who are passionate about the importance of enterprise to the local economy. They will be supported by funding from local individuals and businesses and by attracting a share of existing regional, national and European enterprise funds.

The organisation plans to attract and involve many more local individuals and businesses that wish to volunteer to become part of the programme, enabling them to make a practical contribution to the local economy and connect with the enterprising community.

Local MP David Rutley welcomed the initiative. “Enterprising Macclesfield is a fantastic initiative that has the potential to make a real difference to our local economy in Macclesfield,” said David, “There is an entrepreneurial spirit in our town, and it is so important for our entrepreneurs and small businesses to get access to the right combination of coaching support and funding to deliver successful enterprises. I wish this important initiative every success and will give it my full support.”

Start-up enterprises, local businesses seeking to embark on the next stage of growth and individuals with a bright idea to address a local social or community need can access the free support available through Enterprising Macclesfield by registering on the website www.enterprisingmacclesfield.co.uk.

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