Meetings, meetings

January is traditionally a time to draw breath, and flick through holiday brochures whilst munching slightly unpleasant chocolates left over Christmas. So I thought anyway, but not In Macc. There is so much going on, the town is buzzing with busy people planning exciting things for the year ahead and beyond.

Have just heard a glowing report from someone who has had a peep inside the part restored Old Town Hall . All is on schedule and apparently looking great with many of the listed building’s grand old features shining more prominently. Roll on Barnaby when we will all be able to appraise the work for ourselves as the Town Hall once again becomes a pivotal performance space for the Festival.

Talking of which, Barnaby volunteers are hard at it. The meeting at the Bate Hall last week was a testament to the broad support the festival now has. It was a great chance to listen to inspiring plans for the four day festival in June which will take place a week later than last year. It won’t rain then you see!

Barnaby Festival 21-24 June2012
To get involved with Barnaby as a volunteer or potential sponsor contact:

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