Now you see it now you don’t

It was a dark hour for Macclesfield last week. Not any reference to sporting defeats (MTFC are on hols) but to the tragic incineration of that handsome Mill at Park Green. This iconic Mill with distinctive clock, had watched over the Green since 1785 and was both a key building and a unique part of the physical character of the town. It’s untimely destruction was a wake up call and sent us scurrying to the Silk Museum on Park Lane to immerse ourselves in the town’s Heritage. Suggest you do the same and take advantage of their newly opened tea room serving very good homemade cake. The cake aside, the Museum not only offers intriguing insights into the town’s industrial past but conjures old townsfolk with real warmth and charm too. This old Art School building is really worth investigating and there are things for all ages to poke and peer at, read and listen to. Our visit helped galvanise our sense of place and more than a little civic pride; we are determined to support and enjoy what’s left of the town’s significant historic assets. While they are still here.

Silk Museum, Park Lane, Macclesfield. Mon-Sat 10am-4pm

Comment received:
‘Great idea to commiserate at the Silk Museum but please can we have an appreciation of Paradise Mill. A hidden and uncelebrated gem in the contexts of social, technical and industrial history. \r\nI am told that children from Oldham, once the hub of the cotton industry , actually travel over to Paradise Mill or Styal to catch a glimpse of their industrial history. Use it!’

Rogr Bakr

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