Barnaby revs up

We attended the Barnaby Festival volunteers meeting at the Bate Hall on Wednesday night. The room was packed ( standing room only) with  a lovely divese range of Macc folk. The common thread being they had loved the colour , culture and  vitality that Barnaby brought to town last year and they want to help it happen again this year. Similar to the vision of makeitmacclesfield really, it proves good things need pushing along by everyone not just a few. Its all our responsibility to roll our sleeves up and do what we can if we want to live in a thriving community. Even a few hours helping on the Barnaby weeknd 17-19 June would be hugely appreciated. Contact Barnaby at  and check out Oh and its a great way to meet some very nice people too.


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4 Responses to Barnaby revs up

  1. Brita Hirsch says:

    I would be happy to make vintage style bunting for the festival if needed – loved the decorations last year and could match the style for more!

    • Jane says:

      Thankyou Brita. We have passed your comments on to Barnaby who will be delighted to have you on board.
      Any more takers? They need people to be at the Wild Thing exhibition at Paradise Mill for the two weeks after Barnaby. Anyone spare a few hours?

  2. Lynn says:

    Your links to the Barnaby pages aren’t working!

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