All change at Make It Macclesfield

MiM_1 thumbMake It Macclesfield repositions itself as a campaigning force for Macclesfield.

Make It Macclesfield, the Community Interest Company (CIC) set up 5 years ago as a town champion and provider of community engagement services, held its Annual Members Meeting last Thursday 15th June at Macclesfield Rugby Club. (The slide deck from the meeting can be viewed HERE.)

At the end of what was described as one of the liveliest and most positive members meeting to date, and in what some might feel is a somewhat controversial move, a motion to change the direction of the organisation and reinvigorate MiM’s purpose was passed by an overwhelming show of hands.

MIM’s Board presented recommendations for change in order for the organisation to embark on a more campaigning role in the town.

Members agreed with the Board’s view that the people of Macclesfield are becoming frustrated and disillusioned by the stagnation and decline of the town, most notably the town centre. Members felt that many good ideas, energy and enthusiasm have been wasted over the years by a lack of focus and interest in Macclesfield’s needs, including by Cheshire East Council.

In responding to to this & backed by strong support from the membership, Make It Macclesfield will now campaign for local, transparent accountability and a town leadership with access to the resources required to make a difference. The MIM Board explained that they would be consulting widely in the town to consider options for a neighbourhood plan for Macclesfield. MiM will also commence a membership drive to engage people across the community to join and play an active role in determining the future of the town,

Finally, it was confirmed that the first public meeting under the new regime will take place towards the end of the summer with details to be published soon.

Anyone wishing to join Make It Macclesfield can find details here: