East Cheshire Hospice Christmas Tree Collection

The Christmas Tree Collection Service capitalises on the fact that a lot of people enjoy buying a natural tree neatly wrapped in netting but they loathe its disposal with the oozing sap and dropping needles.

The thought of all that mess in the car or cutting and bagging up with the associated trip to the tip are not the part of Christmas that people enjoy. They are therefore only too grateful to donate a modest sum and allow someone else to do the dirty work for them!

Add the environmental recycling element and a champion charitable cause of the East Cheshire Hospice and you have a Great Idea!

In January 2016 the 16th annual Christmas Tree Collection for East Cheshire Hospice raised over £102,000 to help meet its fund-raising need for £7,500 per day for running costs. This broke the previous record of £91,000.

This made a total of over £678,000 donated to the Hospice by supporters of the Christmas Tree Collection since 2001. These figures represent the amount going to the Hospice after expenses.

Over 6,800 individual collections were made using 37 vans and support from over 130 volunteers each day and over 69 tonnes of Christmas Trees were responsibly recycled. Thank you again to those who supported the 2016 collection.

The 2017 collection will take place on Saturday, 14th January and Sunday, 15th January. We hope to increase the amount donated to the Hospice.

You can arrange collection of your tree either by online registration or by phone.

Bookings must be made by 5pm on Thursday 12th January