Can you Spare an Hour to Help a Child?

cybersafe Neil Lewis, Liberal Democrat candidate for Police & Crime Commissioner has launched a Cheshire wide campaign asking adults to spare one hour finding out about the online risks of grooming and child exploitation and then agreeing to sit down and speak to your child, your grandchild or your younger brother or sister.

“There is an explosion of child sexual exploitation here in Cheshire driven by poor use of the internet whilst parents and adults are largely unaware.

“By spending just an hour finding out about this dreadful wave of activity, parents, grandparents and older brothers and sisters can help keep our children safe.

“It is as if we are living our lives with our digital front door wide open – first we need to learn to shut and lock the door” Lewis added.

Neil Lewis is inviting you to volunteer 1 hour in the next two weeks to tackle this issue (and has produce a webpage with helpful links here and to share this information on social media.

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