Special World War 2 tribute map to be displayed at Grosvenor Shopping Centre

GrosvenorA map depicting all the former homes of Macclesfield’s fallen World War 2 heroes will be displayed at Grosvenor Shopping Centre from the end of this month.

The stunning air-view chart, one of only five created, is a broad representation of the town during the 1930s and ‘40s, containing all of the old street names and buildings before they were demolished.

The brains behind the map and determined to make sure that Macclesfield does not forget its war heroes and past is Trevor Druce.

The map he has produced is covered in hundreds of red dots representing poppies to show where each World War 2 soldier, who died during the war, used to live in Macclesfield.

The creation comes off the back of the popular World War 1 maps that were crafted by the same man as part of his poppy display to commemorate the soldiers named on the local cenotaph who lost their life as a consequence of the Great War.

Trevor, who notably wrote the names of 677 First World War soldiers on £10 notes and put them back into circulation two years ago, also created window sticker poppies, each bearing the name of a war hero, and taken to an address where the soldier once lived. The text on the poppy reads ‘A Fallen Soldier Of The Great War Once Lived Here’. The name of the soldier was also added into the middle.

Explaining why he decided to make the World War 2 maps, Mr Druce said: “The map idea came about because so many of the older houses where soldiers once lived, had been demolished, and I wanted to commemorate as many men as possible; this seemed the best solution.

“The original maps, dated from 1909 and complete with a red dots to indicate the street, or road, where the soldiers once lived, was intended to give the general public the shocking fact of how much of the town was directly affected by the war.”

On the process of creating the maps, he added: “The work involved in creating the maps ran into many, many, hours, as the research results for each soldier had to be cross matched from three different sources, and that was before a street search was made.

“The dots were added by a volunteer who spent a total of over six hours adding the red dots to the five maps that were created. That was all for the WW1 maps. The WW2 maps were a little bit easier due to the numbers of Macclesfield soldiers killed during that conflict being much less than the previous war. It was a real labour of love.”

Ed Kennedy, centre manager at Grosvenor Shopping Centre, says he is honoured to be able to support Trevor’s efforts to help Macclesfield remember its past heroes: “What Trevor has done over the past few years has been both humbling and nothing short of incredible.

“So many people from Macclesfield, and right across the nation, lost their lives fighting for our country in both World Wars and we can never forget that. It’s thanks to the unique initiatives, like this map that Trevor has put together, that our local community can find out more about the town’s history and the people that fought for it.

“I’m pleased that Grosvenor Shopping Centre is going to be one of five destinations to view these maps and I would urge as many people as possible to come down and see it. It’s a truly inspiring and heartfelt piece of work.”

You can find out more about Trevor Druce’s work by heading to his website: http://aftermath100.org/