Macclesfield & District Cardiac Support Group

Macclesfield & District Cardiac Support Group have been helping people in the area to stay healthy after heart problems for the last 19 years.

The time after suffering a heart problem can be lonely and daunting. When the hospital treatment ends, patients can find themselves coping with a new diagnosis and unsure about how to start a new lifestyle of regular exercise which is vital in the prevention of further problems with the heart.

Incredibly, in 19 years of supporting those with heart problems, none of the membership who attend have had a re-occurrence of their original condition.

Exercise 003The Cardiac Support Group hold drop in exercise sessions twice a week. They support people to take part in the exercises that are carried out as part of the cardiac rehabilitation sessions at the hospital, at a comfortable pace. Being able to talk to people who have been through similar problems helps people to maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep a regular commitment to exercise.

Arthur Kent of the support group says ‘Everyone is welcome, be they heart patients or their carers, to come along and take part in an exercise session in order to explore the benefits to themselves. Some of our members are trained in C.P.R techniques and also in the use of defibrillators. One is owned by the group and is kept where the exercise sessions are held.’

Sessions are held in the Institute Hall at All Saints Church, Brough Street West, Macclesfield from 2-3pm then 3-4pm on Tuesdays and 7-8pm on Thursdays. People are welcome to join in with any class and don’t need to book a place. For just £6.50 a year, people can then become members of the group and benefit from guided classes as well as access to gym equipment.

For more information or to talk someone about life beyond a heart problem, please e-mail or call 01625 426343.